Laboratory of Video & Image Processing (room EL 204)

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Laboratory Equipments:
  • Handheld Oscilloscope U1604B (40MHz/200Ms, 2ch, 125k)
  • Handheld Oscilloscope USB U1604B (200MHz/1Gs, 2ch, RAM 32M)
  • Color High Resolution Machine Vision Camera basler scA1300-32gc (180x960/32fps, GigE)
  • Development board:
    • 7x OLIMEX SAM9-L2960
    • 2x BeagleBoard: BeagleBoard-xM
    • 1x IPT-BF537
    • 6x OLIMEX SAM9-L2961
    • 3x OLIMEX LPC-2478-STK
    • 3x OLIMEX LPC-E2468
    • 1x Ti eZ430-Chronos
Software Equipments:    
  • VirtualDUB
  • Octave, Scilab
  • basler pylon sdk
  • Projects:
    •   DIGIREP – The figital repeater
    •   SGS – Research of the audio and video signal processing methods
    •   TIP MICROTECH – RFID reader
  • Topics:
    •   The Human eye direction evaluation for the human-computer interaction
    •   The automatic visual three-dimensional mapping system for exploration of unknown Intra and Rural areas
    •   The automatic location and tracking of humans based on the visual identification
  • Examples of bachelor and diploma work:
    •   The problematic of wireless video signal transmission
    •   The development of special HW for visual objects location and detection
    •   Road edge line detection system for autonomous car cruise systems
Photo Gallery