Information on Entrance Examination

The entrance examination is written and is comprised of three tests related to:

  1. knowledge of mathematic methods in economics
  2. knowledge of informatics
  3. knowledge of English language
Duration of each exam: one hour
Maximum of points: 3 x 100
Date of exam: will be announced via e-mail
Test in Mathematic Methods in Economics – Content:
 Linear Algebra:
  • Vector and Matrix Operations
  • System of Linear Equations
  • Linear Space
  • Vector’s Linear Independence
  • Bases
  • Dimensions
  • Transformation of Vector’s Coordinates with the Base Modification
 Probability and Statistics:
  • Random Quantity
  • Characteristics of Random Quantities
  • Limit Theorems
  • Parameters Estimation (Point Estimation – Method of Moments and Method of Maximal Veracity, Interval Estimation – for Middle Value and Dispersion Provided Normal Distribution of the Fundamental File)
  • Hypothesis Testing (Parametric Tests with Middle Values and Dispersions Provided Normal Distribution of the Fundamental File, “Chi” Quadrat Test, Independence Test, Non Parametric Tests – Sign Test, Wilcoxon One- and Two Selective Test, Grubb and Dixon Test)
  • Simple Linear Regression Model (Regression Curve Estimation, Variability Characteristics, Determination Index)
  • Correlation (Correlation Coefficient Test, Spearman Correlation Coefficient)
  • Time Series (Elements, Trend Balancing)
All needed tables and list of calculation formulas is a part of the test.
Test in Informatics - Content:
Database Technologies:
  • Data Processing, Database Systems in Public Administration
  • Database Systems Principles
  • Data Modelling Principles
  • Conceptual Model
  • Relational Model
Internet Technology and Computer Networks:
  • Computer Models
  • Network Operating Systems
  • Network Model, Network Architecture, Proceedings, Models ISO/OSI a TCP/IP
  • Internet Services, Proceedings, Application Layers TCP/IP
  • Internet in Public Administration, State Information Policy
  • Marking and Programming Languages for Development of WWW Applications
  • Internet Security Policy
Introduction to Theory of Systems:
  • Basic Terms in Theory of Systems
  • System Elements
  • Essential Characteristics
  • Methods of System Analysis
Test in English - Content:
Reading and comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, a cloze test.
Note: The test focuses on general knowledge of the language without a special emphasis on vocabulary from the area of economics and informatics. It is a multiple choice test where only one answer to a particular question is correct.