Application Procedure - Requirements

a)      Application for Admission to the PhD Programme
The deadline for submitting applications for the academic year 2017/2018 is April 30, 2017.
The application form is available from March 1st, 2017at
The applicant is obliged to submit a completed and signed application form to the following address:
Bc. Radka Bartoníčková (Mrs.)
Department of Research and Development
Faculty of Economics and Administration
University of Pardubice
Studentská 95
532 10 Pardubice
Czech Republic
The applicant is supposed to meet all requirements; a certificate regarding the applicant´s health condition is not required. The applicant is obliged to enclose a recognition of the non-Czech university Master diploma obtained in any Master study programme specialized in economics, possibly within any other related programme, curriculum vitae, a clear copy of passport, two passport photos, a reference letter, and a proof of the English proficiency.
All enclosed documents need to be translated into English (a notarized certified translation is required in the event the submitted documents are not originally in English) excepting the recognition of the Master degree (the Czech translation of the Master diploma is required to be submitted when applying for the recognition).
The application fee is CZK 500. (The detailed information on payment will be submitted upon request.)
b)     Acceptance Requirements
The applicant must submit an essay in writing (about 15 pages) on a particular topic of the chosen Doctoral thesis (themes of the Doctoral theses are available at The applicant may propose his/her own theme, which can be accepted upon arrangement with a potential tutor and approval of the advisory board of the particular study programme).
The applicant must submit a a nostrification (recognition) of the university Master degree education.

c)      Entrance Examination Dates

The applicants do not pass entrance examinations, however they are invited to take part in the entrance interview.
d)     Taking Decisions on Acceptance
At most, a total of 20 applicants will be accepted. Applicants must meet the acceptance requirements; furthermore, approval of the Vice-Dean for Research is required.
e)     Notice of Acceptance
A written resolution by the Dean of the Faculty on the acceptance will be sent to the applicant as a recommended post.
f)     Review Proceedings
According to the § 50, par. 7 of the law no. 111/1998 Col., on universities and the change and completion of other laws (Law on Universities) as amended  by the subsequent regulation, the applicant who has not been accepted, may apply for a review of the resolution within 30 days from the delivery day of the resolution. It should be addressed to the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administration of the University of Pardubice.
g)     Additional Application Deadlines
In extraordinary cases it is possible to accept the application after the stated deadline (for example in cases where an applicant does not have to apply for a visa, an applicant has already been granted a visa, or an applicant does not need a visa for entering the country).
h)      Assessment and Payment of Tuition Fee
For students, who successfully pass the entrance interview, the tuition fee per academic year is free of charge.
  i)      Registration of Study
The student is obliged to enroll in studies on the day of registration - latest October 20th, 2017 at the Study department. In the event the student misses the date of registration for studies without a proper excuse, his/her study will be terminated immediately.
 j)     Deferment of Study
It is not possible to apply for the deferment of study.