Branch of Study: Regional and Public Economics

Study programme:                   Economic Policy and Administration
Study specialization:                Regional and Public Economics
Degree acquired:                      Ph.D.   
Form of Study:                          full-time / part-time
Language of Instruction:           English
Standard Length of Study:        3 academic years       
Annual Tuition Fee:                   EUR 0
The study specialization is built upon two fundamental scientific fields: “Public Economics” and “Regional Economics”. The doctoral study programme reflects the needs of the European economic region. At the same time it puts the accent on the dynamic development of information and communication technologies applied in the management of regional development. The study programme is oriented towards the issues of the economic efficiency of individual entities operating within a region, as well as the issues of the economic efficiency of a region as a whole. The doctoral study programme complies with the scientific and research goals of the Faculty focusing on the analysis and modelling of regions and their information interconnection.
Actual study plans are available here.
Contact Person:
Bc. Radka Bartoníková (Mrs.)
University of Pardubice
Faculty of Economics and Administration
Studentská 84
532 10 Pardubice
Czech Republic
Phone Number: +420 466 036 013