Branch of Study: Applied Informatics

Course: Applied Informatics
Study programme:                    Applied Informatics
Study specialization:                 Applied Informatics
Degree acquired:                      Ph.D.                                    
Form of Study:                           full-time / part-time
Language of Instruction:           English
Standard Length of Study:        4 academic years         
Annual Tuition Fee:                   EUR 0

The PhD study programme is focused on mastering the scientific methods of research and system development based on the use of information technology for data collection, transmission, storage and processing of information and knowledge. Following issues are reflected within the framework of this study programme: design, implementation, evaluation, use and maintenance of systems, which are based on computer application in various information domains. It includes computer equipment, software, organizational and human aspects, industrial and commercial applications.
Emphasis is placed on creative application of informatics methods and tools for solving various problems of real world.

The aim of the study is to train highly qualified professionals who will be able to examine, design, implement, realize, develop, and apply modern information, communication and knowledge technology in various industrial and other areas.

Actual study plans are available here.

Contact Person:        
Bc. Radka Bartoníčková (Mrs.)
University of Pardubice
Faculty of Economics and Administration
Studentská 84
532 10 Pardubice
Czech Republic

Phone Number: +420 466 036 013