Review Procedure

Scientific Papers of the University of Pardubice, Series D is a peer-reviewed scientific journal. The journal  is published  3x  per year. Every article goes through a double-blind review procedure. The deadlines for paper submission are following:

  • 01. 01. 2017 - No. 39,
  • 01. 05. 2017 - No. 40,
  • 01. 09. 2017 - No. 41.

At first, each submission is assessed by executive editor and by The Editorial Board, who check whether the submission satisfies the journal requirements. If it does, they send the papers to the referees.

Referees elaborate evaluation reports in the form of a standard blank form (sent to referees by the executive editor). Referees evaluate the paper from content and formal point of view, a summary of comments for the author(s) is included. The referee recommendation to the editor should be one of the following:

  • accept for publication,
  • accept with minor revisions,
  • accept with major revisions,
  • reject.

The Editorial Board reserves the right to return to the authors any manuscript that in their opinion is not suitable for publication in the journal, without expressly stipulating the reasons for doing so. Accepted articles for publication do not undergo linguistic proofreading. The meeting of the Editorial Board is held regularly six times per year (in the case of Special Edition Journal publication, the meeting is held eight times per year). The Editorial Board meeting protocol is available in the office of the executive editor.