Topics of Conference Sections

Current Problems of Public Administration Social Policy – theory and practice
Chairman: Mgr. Jan Mandys, PhD. (

  • Application of actual trends in management of Public Administration not only in matter of the Czech Republic.
  • Social and political role in the meaning of other politics and its place in Public interests.
  • Social services are concentrated to improve the Quality of Life in region.
  • Concept regarding to the Quality of Life for needs of publics politics.
  • Management effectivity in Public Administration.    
  • Current experience and problems are coming from the effectivity of the Service Law.

Economic Context of the Provision of Quality Public Services
Chairman: Ing. et Ing. Veronika Linhartová, PhD. (   

  • Effectiveness in public services provision.
  • Standardization of public services.
  • Principles of public services financing.
  • Assessment methods of the quality and effectiveness of selected public services.
  • The current approach of public authorities to the quality management of public services.

Risk and Prevention in Public Administration
Chairman: Ing. Michal Kuběnka, PhD. (   

  • Risks associated with the financing of public administration projects and their monitoring.
  • Preventive measures as a tool for risk reduction in public administration.
  • Risks associated with economic crime, rigidity and lack of transparency of public administration.    The legislative framework for risk management in public administration, its application and organizing.
  • Risks associated with the use of grant funds at the regional level.
  • A threat to democracy as a potential source of risk for the current public administration.

Information and Information Technology in Public Administration
Chairman: Ing. Hana Kopáčková, PhD. (   

  • Data, information, big data in the context of public administration.
  • E-government.
  • Current issues of information systems in public administration.
  • IT education in public administration.
  • Public administration and cloud computing.
  • IT as a tool for communication and cooperation in public administration.

Current Issues and Challenges In The Effective Development Of Regions
Chairman: Ing. Pavel Zdražil, PhD. (   

  • The role of public administration in the context of the importance and effectiveness of regional policy.
  • Causes and consequences of regional disparities.
  • The quality of life of the population and its relationship to the territorial attractiveness.
  • The effect of regional changes in ensuring the security and sustainability of regional development.

25 Years of Public Administration Developments in Visegrad Group Member Countries
Chairman: Ing. David Špaček, Ph.D. (

  • Public administration development in Visegrad Four countries during the last 25 years.
  • Benefits of public administration reforms in Visegrad Group member countries.
  • Common and different features of public administration reforms and developments in Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.
  • Future developments of public administration in Visegrad Four member countries.