About the Institute

Institute of Administrative and Social Sciences provides teaching of social sciences related to public administration and other important social problems in Czech Republic, for all study programs and fields of study on bachelor and master level.
In the form of undergraduate studies in the teaching of issues of public administration, the institute primarily aims at clarifying the main stages of development the Czech public administration and interdisciplinary character of administrative activities carried out at local and regional level. The attention is mainly focused to the introduction of legal science and an explanation of the general part of administrative law. Part of the teaching includes also an interpretation of key issues of development and current state of European integration. At the same time this institute deals with affects of social issues - including for example environmental, sociological, socio-pathological, psychological and geographical aspects.
Learning developments of students concerning e. g. European systems of public administration, environmental economics and management, a special part of administrative law or European law is further expanding in the master form of study.

The focus of teaching and research activities corresponds to each other; Research priorities are in social science and public administration issues. The research activity of the institute is realized in cooperation with other institutes of faculty, other university departments and praxis, mainly in the public sphere.
In their scientifik work, employees of institute are engaged e.g. in social sciences - sociology, social patology, psychology, economic and social geography. Focus is granted also to questions of law and administrative science, mainly related to public administration, its current situation and possible future reforms. Another important area of inquiry are environmental sciences, especially environmental economics and management and problems related to sustainable development.
Institute is equipped with laboratory technique for measuring electromagnetic fields, used also by employees of other faculties.
Scientific research projects in which participated or participate employees of the Institute:
- Management of Healthcare Organizations

- Regionalisation of indicators of economic performance in relation to environmental quality

- The situation of social services in Pardubice

- Survey of the hearing impaired in the Pardubice Region

- Indicators for evaluation and modeling of interactions between the environment, economy and social context

- Expert Mobility for the Creation of a Joint Master Degree on Renewable Energy Technologies and Management

- Scientific research activities in the field of "Economic Policy and Administration" (within the SGA)

- Virtual University for Public Administration

- Analysis of continuous professional education in the Pardubice region

- Spa as a segment of the economy of the Czech Republic and Japan
Cooperation with other institutions and praxis:
- City of Pardubice
- Pardubice Region
- Czech Statistic Office
- Center of International Legal Studies v Salzburgu - participation in „Senior Lawyer Program“ (Austria, USA)
- Internationales Hochschulinstitut Zittau (Germany)
- Sächsisches Staatsministerium für Umwelt und Landwirtschaft (Germany)
- Institut für Umweltinformatik Hamburg (Germany)