CEEPUS III (Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies)

CEEPUS is a Central European university programme focused on regional cooperation within the network of universities. The programme is designed for undergraduate students who have studied at least two semesters of the field of study for which they want to apply, graduate students and academic staff of public universities. Under the programme, the scholarship can be obtained within networks of universities, or individually (as the so called freemover).

The aim of the programme is to create a Central European university network, consisting of individual programme sub-networks.

Networks are the basic, simpler and more common format used by the CEEPUS programme scholarship holders. They are designed thematically and based on departments/institutes within the faculties. Mobility of scholarship holders is motivated, among other things, by professional considerations, i.e. by opportunities for cooperation with renowned experts, completion of the study concluded with the so-called "Joint Degree" (i.e. joint programmes of several universities that lead to joint diplomas and degrees) or by opportunities for using resources that are otherwise difficult to reach (especially archives, professional publications, samples from field research).