Inorganic Technology

Study programme:
Chemistry and Chemical Technologies
Study specialization:
Inorganic Technology
Degree acquired:
Form of Study:
full-time / part-time
Language of Instruction:
Standard Length of Study:
4 academic years

The objective of the doctoral program "Chemistry and Chemical Technology", specialization "Inorganic Technology" is to educate specialists for leading positions in inorganic chemical industry, research institutions, agricultural sector, educational system, state administration and other branches associated with this specialization.
The Ph.D. graduate can be characterized as a highly qualified specialist in inorganic technology, with deep theoretical background in inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry and chemical engineering. The main profile-forming fields are technology of inorganic pigments, and artificial fertilizers, inorganic analysis, characterization of powder materials and calorimetric study of materials and processes. The Ph.D. students are educated in laboratory techniques of material synthesis and characterization (thermal and calorimetric analysis, evaluation of optical and corrosion-inhibition properties of inorganic pigments, chromatographic and spectroscopy techniques, etc.). The Ph.D. graduates are able to plan the research work and make decision on solving complex technological problems, lead a team of co-workers and refer on the results of their work both in spoken and written form, among others things.
Application Form is available here (DOC and PDF).
Deadline for submitting applications - April 30th, 2016.
Contact Person:
prof. Ing. Petr Němec, Ph.D.
University of Pardubice
Faculty of Chemical-Technology
Studentská 573
532 10 Pardubice
Czech Republic
Phone Number: +420 466 038 502, +420 466 037 247