Used technologies for the preparation of the studied materials
Balzers BAE 250
The deposition of the thin films via evaporation of the film components from Mo-boats in high vacuum (10-7 Pa).
Direct synthesis from elements or from compounds in vacuumz(10-4Pa) or suitable atmosphere (e.g. Ar) at 70-1700 °C.
  • laboratory muffle furnaces (upto 1200 °C)
  • rocking tube furnaces with controlled heating rates and rocking (upto 1100 °C)
  • Superkanthal furnace Clasic (elevator) working up to 1700 °C.
Programmable rocking furnace
Superkanthal furnace Clasic
Vertical furnace for single crystal preparation
by Bridgman method
Detail of furnace during single crystal pulling
The preparation of single crystal samples by pulling of tipped quartz ampoules down through defined temperature gradient
Pulling rate 0.1 - 130 cm/hr.