Milan Klikar, M.Sc.

phone: +420 46 603 7500
Born in Turnov on January 25, 1988.
Domicile: Stružinec (Semily district)
Unmarried, childless.
He graduated his bachelor studies at University of Pardubice in 2010, Bachelor thesis entitled Chiral 1,2-diamines and their application in modern asymmetric catalysis under supervision of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Filip Bureš. He graduated his master studies at University of Pardubice in 2013, Thesis entitled Barbituric acid as an acceptor moiety in push-pull chromophores under supervision of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Filip Bureš. From October 2013 he pursues studies in the BuReS group as Ph.D. student. Since October 2014, he joined the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology as scientific researcher. He is interested in synthesis and characterization of new push-pull chromophores (focusing in particular on derivates of malonic acid) and differential scanning calorimetry. He is member of the Czech Chemical Society.
He participates in teaching the courses Laboratory of organic chemistry I. Specialist advisor for undergraduate bachelor students.
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