Service and Advisory Activities

Service activities offered
  • Laboratory for characterisation of disperse systems
Head:        prof. Ing. Petr Mikulášek, CSc.
                Phone: 466 037 130, Fax: 466 037 068

Apparatus available:
Instrument for measuring zeta potential and distribution of particle sizes in disperse systems Brookhaven BI-Zeta PALS with attached computer for data acquisition and treatment.
Description of service activities:
  1. Measurement of distribution of particle sizes dispersed in both polar and non-polar solvents in the particle size range from 3 nm to 3 mm.
  2. Measurement of zeta potential of particles dispersed in both polar and non-polar solvents in the particle size range from 3 nm to 30 mm.
  3. Measurement of temperature dependences in the temperature range from 10 to 75 oC and pH range 2-12.
  • Laboratory of rheometry
Head:        prof. Ing. Ivan Machač, CSc.
                Phone: 466 037 131, Fax: 466 037 068

Apparatus available:
Universal laboratory dynamic rheometer RheoStress RS 150 (Haake)  
Description of service activities:
  1. Measurement of viscosity function of liquid materials in CR and CS regimes.
  2. Measurement of temperature dependences up to 80oC.
  3. Creep tests with subsequent relaxation and dynamic (oscillation) measurements.
  4. Measurements of normal stress of sufficiently elastic liquids.
  • Development workshop of Department

 Head:         Milan Reinberk 
                   Phone: 466 037 132, Fax: 466 037 068
Scope of activities: 
Construction, repairs and checking of apparatuses used in teaching and in research activities: working and machining of metals, plastics and glass. Repairs and checking of electrical appliances.
Tools and materials available: 
Working of metals: universal lathe (4 pieces; up to 350 mm diameter and 1000 mm length), universal and vertical milling machines (300 × 800 mm), horizontal planning machine, pedestal drilling machine, planar grinder 150 × 400 mm.
Separating and connecting: power saw, shearing machine 1500 mm, acetylene welding and cutting, arc welding (also for stainless materials), welding of PE pipelines, spot welding, soldering, brazing.
Working of glass: handmade products from blanks, grinding of cylindrical, conical and planar surfaces, drilling, electric resistance furnace 30 × 30-600 mm.
Services offered:
Production of not very large devices made from both metals and non-metallic materials, assembly of apparatus from delivered parts, small repairs of machines and devices limited by the above-mentioned available tools.
Requirements made to client:
Larger jobs are carried out on the basis of delivered documentation, smaller ones on the basis of description given in the order. Internal clients ensure the necessary materials through the Faculty store on their own expenses.
For external clients it is possible, on the basis of a contract, to prepare documentation, purchase materials etc.
 Consulting activities
The Department offers help for those interested in cooperation in the form of consulting, literature search, elaboration of documentation for designing separation apparatuses (filters, settling tanks, membrane separation devices), static mixers, columns for absorption etc.; in some cases it is possible to offer delivery of documentation for construction of the said apparatuses (heat exchangers, dust separators).