45th National Colouristic Conference with International Attendance


On 17th to 18th October 2013 took place already 45th National colouristic TEXCHEM conference with international Attendance. The venue of our conference was traditionally Hotel Labe in Pardubice.

Our partners in the conference preparation were::

CLUTEX – Cluster of Technical Textiles
CTPT – Czech Technology Platform for Textile
Universita of Pardubice
Inotex s.r.o. Dvůr Králové nad Labem
Synthesia a.s., SBU Pigments and Dyes, Pardubice - Semtín
CTTZ - The Centre for Technology and Knowledge Transfer


This year's conference , again enriched by the international participation, brought cross-section of activities in a number of international projects (Cornet, Veramtex , Centexbel) , in which shows the advantages of cooperation with foreign partners. The conference was also brought news about the traditional cluster CLUTEX and technology platform ČTPT . Program to complement lectures from companies INOTEX, SYNTHESIA a newly LABIMEX company whose presented Q- LAB devices.


There were also information from academic section, from textile - polymeric department FCHT, University of Pardubice, and also from FT, Technical Univerzity in Liberec and from our foreign friends from Polytechnic University in Lodz.

The program was also aggregate information on 23rd World Congress of the International Federation of Associations of Textile Chemists and Colorists held in Budapest. At the end of this Conference the committee chairman STCHK took command of the International Federation IFATCC a particular arrangement of the next 24th World Congress in 2016 in our country.

In total, the conference attanded by 60 participants from various sectors, not only from textile chemistry, eg. companies Archroma, Dystar, Evona, Hedva, Intercolor, Mileta, Stap, Swisscolor, Textilcolor, Veba or Vlnap.



Thanks to all participants and we look forward to your participation at another conference at November 2014.

Committee STCHK



Czech Technology Platform for Textile




Technical University of Liberec

University of Pardubice

CTTZ - The Centre for Technology and Knowledge Transfer

Labimex CZ