The conference Pigments and binders is devoted to applied research in organic and inorganic binders, paints, pigments, and many specialties for surface treatment of various materials. The conference follows up some other important conferences organised in the Czech Republic in the past, such as Anticorrosion pigments and coating materials, New findings in coating materials, and Inorganic binders. The conference Pigments and binders will bring together experts and professionals, research scientists and students from research institutions, schools, production facilities and companies engaged in the research, manufacture and application of coating materials.

The crucial topics of the conference are aimed at pigments and their application in the construction industry, in paints and in plastics. Other important conference topics include organic binders for coating materials and the construction industry, inorganic binders for ceramics, the construction industry, high-temperature paints, etc. Considerable space will be devoted to the application of such binders and additives in construction chemistry and coating materials. Focus will also be on nanomaterials, special materials and new surface treatment technologies. Legislative problems and environmental effects of nanomaterials will be discussed as well.