Prof. Ing. Dr. Josef Mleziva, DrSc.
Professor Josef Mleziva was born 20 November 1923 in Prague. Following his secondary school studies, he studied at the   Faculty of Chemical engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague, from which he graduated in 1948. In 1949 he passed the second state examination for his doctorate. After finishing his university studies, he joined the Spolek pro chemickou a hutní výrobu in Ústí nad Labem, where he was engaged in the development of varnish resins as a research scientist. In 1955 he joined the Research Institute of Synthetic Resins and Varnishes in Pardubice, where he held the position of Head of Research. He contributed much to the research and production launch of a number of technologically important resins, and of polyester resins in particular. In 1962 he defended his CSc. thesis, and in 1966 he became Associate Professor of macromolecular chemistry. In 1967, Professor Mleziva joined the Institute of Chemical Technology in Pardubice and became Head of the Department of Technology of Macromolecular Materials. In 1968 he earned his DrSc. degree and in 1973 was appointed full Professor of chemistry and technology of macromolecular materials. Professor Mleziva held the position of the Head of Department continuously for 19 years till 1986. Even then he did not stop working as a scientist. After retirement, he lectured at the Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Pardubice, as Professor Emeritus until the last moments of his life in 2000.
Professor Mleziva's scientific work during the 60 years of his active life in the world of science was very extensive. He primarily pursued technological research into synthetic resins. He launched the production of a number of new products, was engaged in technological solutions of new manufacturing processes and optimisation of established technologies. He was the author of many patents. All of his papers were based on deep and thorough scientific research . The results of Professor Mleziva's scientific work are included in dozens of publications, which can be found in Czech as well as international journals, particularly in the Progress in Organic Coatings, JOCA, Angewandte Makromolekulare Chemie, Farbe und Lack, as well as in other journals and conference proceedings. Professor Mleziva presented the results of his scientific achievements at both domestic and international conferences. The wider professional community also remembers Professor Mleziva as the author of many monographs, the best-known of them being Polyestery [Polyesters], which was issued in several editions and was translated into foreign languages. He was also the author of the monograph Polymers. He co-authored the monograph Základy makromolekulární chemie [Fundamentals of Macromolecular Chemistry], which became a national university textbook. He also wrote a number of dedicated university texts. Professor Mleziva was a member of many scientific boards and committees (such as committees for scientific and educational degrees). He was a member of the editorial board of the Progress in Organic Coatings journal.
Professor Mleziva was not only an outstanding scientist and technologist: he was also an excellent teacher. His name is indelibly associated with lectures especially in the Basics of macromolecular chemistry and Polymer manufacturing technology courses. His monographs and textbooks serve as a source of knowledge for students even today. Professor Mleziva made his mark in the history of the University and of macromolecular materials science as an outstanding figure.