Scientific research activities

These activities are oriented in the following areas:

Chemical treatment of wood with special focus on technology of pulp

  • sulphate and alkaline batch cooking

  • utilization of spent sulphite liqueur

  • chemistry of cellulose and hemicellulose

  • ultra-filtration of eluates

  • pulp washing

  • photochemical bleaching

Papermaking  technology

  • pulp beating and refining

  • drainage

  • formation of paper web

  • moulded fibre products

Paper treatment

  • relationship between printing process and the paper quality

  • rheology and temperature influences upon behaviour of glues and coating compositions

Papermaking and the environment

  • recycling

  • white water recirculation

  • treatment of waste paper

Paper science

  • cellulose chemistry

  • paper chemistry

  • wet-end chemistry

  • surface chemistry in paper-making

  • water in paper-making 

  • fillers in paper-making