Present-day Solved Projects

The research activities of the Department are mainly focused on dealing with the problems having practical impacts, and that is why they mostly are fully financed from private means.

At present, the following projects are pursued:

  • Redeployment and Intensification of Sulphate Pulp Production and its Utilization*

The project covers R&D on technological innovations in production of sulphate pulp inclusive of its bleaching and better characterisation of its properties. The aim is to extend the applications of sulphate pulp in papermaking industry and optimisation of its furnish.

  • Moulded Fibre Packaging from Recycled Paper - New Innovated Process of Their Production - Redeployment of Moulded Fibre Process*

The project covers research into the production process of moulded packaging forms and development of methods of preparation of multi-layer moulded forms from paper. It involves innovation of the classic suction method of preparation of paper forms and development of a new way of preparation of these forms by injection.

  • New materials on PAGA Basis*

Development of paper-forming method of a sheet preparation from fibres with non- or weak- bonding potential.

  • New cellulosic filter materials*

The project covers R&D on cellulosic filter plates with new separation abilities. It is just the sorption filtration plates that represent such filtration materials. Their separation ability is improved by combining the mechanical and sorption effects for retention of particles during the filtration. In particular, this is achieved by making use of the phenomenon of so-called surface flocculation, which makes it possible to catch even those particles whose size is substantially lower than that of a filter pores.

*Financed from private means of the Client.
*Financed from grants.

All the property rights are owned by the financing organisations.