Dr. Ing. Petr Antoš, Ph.D., EURING, EurChem, b. Ivančice 1956, graduated in 1980 from the Institute of Chemical Technology in Pardubice, specialisation: technical analytical and physical chemistry. He completed his doctoral study programme at the University of Pardubice first in 1996 in inorganic technology, and then in 2004 in the technology of macromolecular materials. He earned his EURING Certificate (Certificate of Award of the Designation of European  Engineer, diploma No. 24 138) on 11 February 1999 and his ECRB Certificate (Certificate of European Chemist Registration Board, No. 727) on 12 May 2000. Within the doctoral study programme he lectured on Advances and Trends in Inorganic Productions, Equipment of Plants, and Technology of Inorganic Productions II at the Department of Inorganic Technology, and Corrosion and Anticorrosion Protection of Metals, Technology of Paints I, Methods of investigation and assessment of organic coatings, and Chemistry of Pigments and Fillers at the Department of Polymers. Currently he is an external lecturer teaching 3rd grade students the “Raw Materials for the Building Industry” subject within the area of surface protection of building and structural materials, and the “Geopolymers” subject at DSP PI (he has been a member of the Board since 2008). After graduating from the Institute of Chemical Technology he joined “Továrna na sodu” [Soda Plant] (TONASO, Ústí nad Labem) and its subsidiaries, where he held various technological and managerial positions (research scientist, chief technologist, head of section, direction of division, head of research and laboratory, Sales and Technical Director, Innovations Manager, and company secretary). He left the company in 2003 to join the Research Institute of Inorganic Chemistry in Ústí nad Labem, where he holds the position of a research scientist. For 2 years he was Head of the accredited analytical chemistry testing laboratory. He has authored or co-authored over 130 papers published in journals and national and international conference proceedings. He is a co-author of 14 Czechoslovak / Czech patents and 6 utility models, most of which have been practically applied by Silchem s.r.o. Neštěmice. Together with his team he has helped to launch the industrial manufacture of over 40 chemical products and agents (synthetic silicon oxide, anticorrosion pigments, anticorrosion paints, degreasers, concrete setting accelerators, inorganic binders for moulding mixtures in metallurgy, solid alkali silicates, lithium water glasses, special potassium water glasses, aluminium phosphate, ...). Four manufacturing plants (calcium chloride, hydrothermal synthesis of sodium water glass + filter unit, manufacture of anticorrosion pigments, manufacture of anticorrosion paints) were newly built or rebuilt based on his designs. He has contributed to the technical preparation of 12 capital projects for the construction of chemical plants, mainly in the near and Middle East. He has also been a team member / co-manager of 5 grant projects (Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Czech Republic Technology Agency, Programme of Applied Research and Development of National and Cultural Identity – NAKI), and currently is involved in the Ministry of Trade and Industry grant focused on non-silicate initial materials. The focus of his scientific research is mainly on alkali silicates and their application in the preparation of inorganic polymers. In applied research he is involved in the development of special coating materials, inorganic metallurgical binders and refractory ceramic materials.