Information for students
Students can study subjects in the following specialisations at the Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Macromolecular Materials:
Surface protection of building and construction materials - The 3-year study programme B2831– Surface protection of building and construction materials - prepares students in the bachelor's study programme for the subsequent master's study programmes, those specialising in materials in particular. Especially, however, this study programme provides a qualification for middle-level managerial and technical positions in industrial companies which are involved in building materials, in the processing of building materials, and – last but not least – in special materials for the construction industry.
 ● Paints and organic coatings - This 2-year study specialisation within the subsequent master's study programme prepares future graduates for work in the chemical industry, in research institutions and in institutes of the Czech Republic Academy of Sciences. These graduates will find positions in industrial companies which are engaged in paints, their manufacture and use: this scope encompasses the engineering industry, automotive industry, building industry, furniture industry, and the like. Graduates can use their knowledge and expertise in any branch where paints are manufactured, applied, tested, and launched on the market, as well as in the manufacture of materials for the paint industry. Students are trained especially in macromolecular chemistry, the chemistry of film-forming substances, paint manufacturing and application technologies, and the physics and physical chemistry of organic coatings. They are familiarised with the manufacture of polymers, monomers, pigments and other materials for the manufacture of paints and coatings.