Profile of the graduate

Master’s and doctoral study branch Inorganic Technology, which is guaranteed by the Department of Inorganic Technology, provides students with education required for the work in chemical industry in the area of production, research and development of traditional and new, especially inorganic materials, in the sphere of commerce and business management, and in the industry-related scientific and research institutions. In addition to the theoretical lessons, emphasis is placed on practical forms of teaching. The branch is profiled mainly by the following courses – Technology of Inorganic Productions, Theoretical Background of Inorganic Productions, Solid State Chemistry, Materials Characterization Methods, Experimental Methods in Inorganic Technology, Processes and Facilities in Inorganic Technology and Economy and Management of Chemical Productions. In addition to this expertise graduates gain special knowledge related to the scientific and research focus of the Department. These include in particular research and development of inorganic pigments and industrial fertilizers, and usage of thermoanalytical methods in the study of materials and technologically important physical and chemical processes, such as crystallization, coagulation, adsorption, catalysis, etc. Students have also opportunity to improve their knowledge of English language.

The branch graduates will find employment mainly in chemical industry, in applied and basic chemical research, but also in institutions in sectors more distant to chemistry, still chemical professions and requiring university education (textile, rubber, building materials industries; education, agriculture, public administration etc.). Gained qualification primarily determines the graduates to middle management positions (technologist, production manager, department manager, laboratory manager etc.) and positions of independent technical staff.