Laboratory of pigments characterization and powders

prof. Ing. Petra Šulcová, Ph.D.
Phone 466 037 185, Fax: 466 037 068
Offered services:
  • measuring particle size distribution of powders on the unit Mastersizer 2000 MU (Malvern Instruments Ltd., Great Britain)
  • objective colour measurement on the unit ColorQuest XE (HunterLab, USA) in the interval 400 - 700 nm at 10 nm, description of colour in XYZ colour space, L*a*b* and LCH (including colour differences)
  • measurement of specific surface area and pore distribution of powder materials with the BET method on the unit Nova 1200e (Quantachrome Instruments, USA)
  • determination of pigment-application properties of powder materials
                                            - determination of density with picnometric method (ČSN EN ISO 787-10)
                                            - determination of bulk and tapped density (ČSN EN ISO 787-11)
                                            - determination of oil consumption (ČSN EN ISO 787-5)
                                            - determination of volatile substances content at 105 °C (ČSN EN ISO 787-2)
                                            - determine the pH of aqueous suspension  (ČSN EN ISO 787-9)
                                            - determination of resistivity of aqueous extract (ČSN EN ISO 787-14)
                                            - determination of water-soluble substances (ČSN EN ISO 787-8)]

Requirements for the customer:

  • provision of basic information about chemical composition and solubility of the test sample
  • minimum amount of the sample for the particle size distribution measurement and colour measurement is 5g, for determination of all pigment-application properties it is necessary to provide sample of 500g (unused sample will be returned to the customer)
  • agreement on the method performed during non-standardized tests
  • minimum amount of sample for the measurement of specific surface area is 5 g