Progressive technology of propellants

Project TA ČR TA3-0697 (2013 – 2015)

Co-guarantor: doc. Ing. Ladislav Svoboda, CSc.


Project participants are EXPLOSIA, a.s. Pardubice (aid recipient) and the University of Pardubice (the other participant). The project aims to develop new adaptations and forms of compounds performing the function of flame damper in the composition of simple smokeless powders.  By increasing their hydrophobic properties the production cycle will be shortened via elimination of risky and cost consuming operation of vacuum drying and thus environmental burden will be subsequently minimized, which still accompanies incorporation of flame dampers into smokeless powders . New properties of used compounds will also enable increased utilization parameters of smokeless powders used in many modern weapon systems of small, medium and large calibre and thus expand possibilities of their usage not only in new powerful systems, but also in the area of automotive safety systems.