Strengthening Excellent Teams at the University of Pardubice (POSTDOK)

Project number: CZ.1.07/2.3.0/30.0021 (2012-2015)

Guarantors: doc. Ing. Tatiana Molková, Ph.D.; prof. Ing. Petr Mikulášek, CSc.

Members of research team:

prof. Ing. Petra Šulcová, Ph.D.

Ing. Nataliia Oleksandrivna Gorodylova, Ph.D.


Workpkace: Rectorate and University-wide Departments

ProgrameOperational Programme Education for Competitiveness


The project aims to improve the staff safety of research (R & D) teams of the University of Pardubice, professional development, R & D staff and improve training of students for active participation of doctoral graduates (postdoc) who bring new knowledge and experience, and support for the establishment of strong international links with leading experts in major institutions. The objectives will be achieved through strengthening the existing R & D teams of young people, the mobility between research institutions and the private and public sectors, internships and participation in international research networks and projects, participation in conferences, organization of seminars, training and education. The outputs of the project - strengthening of top R & D teams with significant connections to international networks and projects, their competitiveness, new knowledge, skilled R & D personnel, organized seminars, placements made??, implemented lectures, trained personnel, publication outputs. The planned activities are implemented postdocs, mentors.