Inventory list

The Department of Graphic Arts and Photophysics (DGAP) is located in Technological pavilion UPa at Doubravice. For teaching, DGAP has at its disposal two lecture rooms for lectures and seminars, computer classrooms, laboratories and offset printing room. Most computers are connected with Internet through the University server. DGAP has built a small DTP workplace including four MacIntosh Computers, three PC’s, a scanner and a laser printer, where the program products are taught for text composition and processing of graphics, and designs to orders are prepared within laboratory training programs for of students. Besides, also education in electronic publishing is realised there.

Some instruments installed in laboratory of specialisation “Graphic arts”:

One of the key instruments, which is cooperated under collaboration with Institute of Applied Physics and Mathematics, is variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometer for near, middle and far infrared spectral regions. Thanks to used rotating compensator technology, high accuracy of ellipsometric parameters is characteristic for the instrument (IR-VASE, J. A. Woollam Co., Inc.). The system is heavily useful for nondestructive studies of bulk materials as well as thin films or nanostructures of different materials. 

The capabilities of variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometry are supplemented and extended through a VASE instrument with rotating analyzer technology, which covers UV-VIS-NIR spectral range.
reoviskozimetr HAAKE RotoVisco 1
Photo-acoustic spectrometer
FTIR spectrophotometer Avatar
Q-SUN Xenon Test Chamber
Elcometer 4340
Specord UV-VIS
rheo-viscometer RHEOTEST 3
colour proofer Grafotechna Prague
densitometers X-Rite transmission and reflection
spectrophotometer Gretag SPM50
densitometer Viplate 115 for printing plates
equipment for calibration of monitors Eye One Pro, Gretag
instrument for testing emulsion of water in ink (duke - tester)
instrument for measurement of surface tension of liquids and solids CAM100


Equipment of printing laboratory


Polly Performer 266 BH is machines  produced  by KBA-Grafitec

Quickmaster QM 46-2 is one of the most modern machines produced by Heidelberg Comp. The maximum format of printing is B3, the maximum printing rate is up to 10 000 sheets per hour. It is equipped with fully automated introduction of printing plates and emulsion wetting system. The paper in the machine is run along its shorter side and it can be powdered against undesirable transfer of print on the next sheet.
Professional binding machine EURO-BIND 38-4 H is a machine for adhesive binding V2. The maximum thickness of binding is 40 mm and its maximum length is 380 mm. Insertion and casing-in of cover case proceed by hand. The capacity of machine is up to 200 bindings per hour. The kind of adhesive used – hotmelt adhesive.


Copying machine for offset plates COPYTOP CT 700. The maximum format 720 x 320 mm. Input 3 kW.
Developing machine for offset printing plates Interzich VD 534. Thickness of the plates processed 0.1 – 0.4 mm. The maximum working width 580 mm.

PULL-TESTER (PT-1) – testing equipment made by SIGLOCH Comp. for testing tensile strength of glued books and magazines
The HP 8-ink Designjet delivers superior color accuracy and consistency with the first-ever embedded spectrophotometer[2] with i1 Color Technology. HP Vivera pigment inks produce vivid color and b&w prints. You can count on HP for printing that's easy, reliable, and predictable.



hand screen printing
one-knife electric paper cutter MS 80 Adast Blansko
staplers Polygraph and Mediaprint
thermo- a ring-binding
Flexo Proofer F.P. 100/300 – flexography colour proofer
hand device for dabber printing SUPER PRIMEX
Baby Flex – apparatus for preparation of flexography letterpress plates