Library, Information and Publication Activities
   The graphic arts library is a subsidiary of University Library and involves information sources from the area of graphic arts and cognate fields – the newest professional publications, textbooks, Czech and foreign journals. The library is open to public daily and offers services to all interested workers from graphic art industry and college students.  
   Also available in the library is the continually updated information database of documentation records ADISA from the area of graphic arts, which includes excerpts from technical magazines, research reports, company literature, proceedings and books. Using this database, the Department’s information centre also provides continuous and retrospective literature search for people working in printing industry, as well as the possibility of interactive scanning of the database and making the so-called special profiles in the area of printing that are of interest to the user.
   The Department regularly publishes textbooks for students majoring in Graphic Arts, in its series Printer’s Notebook, and university textbooks. In cooperation with Association of Entrepreneurs in the Printing Industry, the Department in 2003 published an English-German-Czech Printing Dictionary (both in printed and electronic forms), comprising about 20 000 entries in each language version and covering both conventional printing technologies and moder technologies of preparing printing, and finishing printed materials.
Graphic Arts Testing Laboratory
     As there is no specialised research and testing laboratory for the area of printing in the Czech Republic, the Department of Graphic Arts and Photophysics (DGAP) has been building one for several years. At the beginning of 2004, the Printing and Testing Laboratory was established at DGAP, and its accreditation is being prepared. From the standpoint of orientation of the tests, the activities of the Printing and Testing Laboratory can be divided into three groups: the first covers the testing of printing materials (paper, printing inks and varnishes and other chemical and technical means), the second deals with printing products (quality of printed matter, finishing etc.), and the third is focused on printing techniques and technologies. The laboratory is equipped with modern instruments, and its testing procedures meet the ISO standards currently accepted in EU countries. The accredited testing laboratory will provide services for the printing industry, suppliers of printing materials, and customers of the printing industry needing independent verification of the quality and properties of materials and finished printing products, and of the technological procedures used in production and further processing of printed matter. In connection with the testing, the DGAP staff members will also be able to provide consulting services and deal with long-term research tasks and projects.