• June 2017 - CEMNAT established for its own evaluation an International Advisory Board, consisting of leading scientist active in research fields of CEMNAT:

    Members (alphabetically ordered):
    Dr. Jean-Luc Adam - University of Rennes, France
    Prof. Steven Elliot - University of Cambridge, Great Britain
    Prof. Himanshu Jian - Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, USA
    Dr. Pavel Krečmer - CEITEC, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic
    Prof. Josef Krýsa  - University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, Czech Republic

  • 7. 6. 2017 - CEMNAT organized seminar „Exploring glass surface with high-resolution XPS: Applications and Limitations“. Speaker prof. Andriy Kovalskiy, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, TN, USA.

  • 30. 5. 2017 - Research teams of CEMNAT (led by Dr. Jan Macak) and company Pardam Ltd.were awarded prize „Best cooperation of 2017“ for the successful  realization of project  „Technology for production of advanced nanostructured SiO2 fibers” (TA04011557, financed by Technology Agency of the Czech Republic). More information can be found here:

  • 13. 4. 2017 - CEMNAT participated on workshop NANODAY Pardubice. The goal of this event, organized for a wide public, was to introduce various nanotechnologies and their uses for everyday´s life.   
    Information and media reports of this event:

  • 21. 3. 2017 - CEMNAT organized seminar„Photoinduced phenomena in  pure Chalcogenide and Ag/Chalcogenide Heterostructure“ Speaker Dr. Pritam Khan, PhD, JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Physics, Kyushu University, Japan.
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  • February 2017 – CEMNAT became member of an industrial cluster NANOPROGRES that connects more than 40 Czech companies, active in the development, production and application of nanomaterials. This opens for CEMNAT numerous opportunities to actively cooperate on various scientific challenges, that are important for strategic needs of those companies. More can be found here:

  • 31. 12. 2016 - CEMNAT staff successfully finished applicaiton-oriented project with company PARDAM Ltd..  (provider Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, call ALFA, nr.TA04011557). The goal of the project was to develop an industrial production of SiO2 fibers:
    Information and related media reports:
  • 10. 11. 2016 - CEMNAT organized ALD workshop.  Its goal was to introduce unique capabilites of this technique for atomic layer deposition (ALD) to wide public. Workshop program to be downloaded here.
  • 20. 10. 2016 - CEMNAT organized 1st student workshop. Its goal was to introduce all research directions and acitivies of CEMNAT to students of materials-oriented postgraduate programms.  Introduced were also instrumental techniques for realization of students theses. Workshop program to be downloaded here.
  • 15. 9. 2016 - Within the memorandum of understanding with the Universiti Sains Malaysia from Penang, Malaysia, CEMNAT will host Mrs. Ng Siow Woon for 6-months research stay. Mrs Woon will carry on activities related to application of TiO2 nanotube layers.
  • 11. 8. 2016 - Dr. Jan Macák was a guest of the radio-broadcast of Czech Radio within the program „Magazín Leonardo“.
    The record of the broadcast can be listened here (starting from the 13th minute, in Czech):
  • 16. 5.-15. 6. 2016 - Prof. Andriy Kovalskiy, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, TN, USA, stayed as a visiting professor at CEMNAT. Prof. Kovalskiy focuses on: atomic and electronic structure of non-oxide glasses and amorphous thin films (EXAFS, XANES, XPS, Raman, positron annihilation); structural dynamics in glasses; interaction of light and ionizing radiation with amorphous solids; surface science in application to solid state disordered media; gray-scale photolithography and electron-beam nanostructuring on glasses; amorphous optical IR materials for micro- and nanophotonics.
  • May 2016 - CEMNAT was visited by the delegation of the Universiti Sains Malaysia from Penang, Malaysia (5. 5. 1016) and one day after another delegation from the Kao Yuan University in Kaohsiungu, Tchaiwan. Both were accompanied by the top management of the University of Pardubice
  • 21. 4. 2016 - CEMNAT organized seminar about surface analytical techniques. Speaker seminář o povrchově analytických technikách. Speaker“  Dr. Violeta Simič – Miloševič ( company SPECS, Surface Nano Analysis GmbH, Berlin, Germany), presentation title: „Advanced techniques of photon-electron spectroscopy in material science“.
  • December 2015 - CEMNAT received by the decision of Ministery of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic specific support via project Large infrastructure Center of Materials and Nanotechnologies (CEMNAT) that represents a significant financial resource for the development of R&D activities of CEMNAT in years 2016-2019. More about the project here.
  • November 2015 - New modern CEMNAT premises on the nam. Cs. Legii (down-town residence of University of Pardubice) finished and ready for use. Apart of the movement of CEMNAT employees, installation of following scientific instruments was carried out:

    Dual beam scanning electron microscope with Focused Ion Beam (FIB/SEM, (LYRA3 GMH, TESCAN ORSAY HOLDING, a.s.)
    Vacuum coating system (MPE 600s, PLASSYS BESTEK SAS)
    Thermal Gravimetry-Gas Chromatograhpy-Mass Spectroscopy setup (TG-GC-MS, Pyris 1TGA-Clarus 680GC-Clarus SQ8T-MS, PERKING ELMER)
    UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometer (UV3600PLUS + ISR603, SHIMADZU)
    Flow reactor X-Cube (Microactivity Effi, PID Eng&Tech)
    Differential scanning calorimeter (DSC Q2000, WATERS)
    Glove box (GP (campus) T2+T2, JACOMEX)
    Micronizer (particle mill, Labomill, PHOOD PHARMA SYSTEM)
    Optical setup (table, lamp, monochromator, peripherals)

  • October 2015 - Magazine ECHO published by Technology Center of Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republics published a special issues about successful ERC grantees, including Dr. Jan Macak.
    To be downloaded here (in Czech):
  • October 2015 - CEMNAT reaches an important milestone for its development. It was listed on Roadmap of Large infrastructures for Research, Experimental Development and Innovation of the Czech Republic for the years 2016-2022
    More information here:
  • May 2015 - Dr. Jan Macak, senior researcher and group leader of CEMNAT received prestigious Neuron Award for young researcher in the field of chemistry.
    More information here (in Czech):

    In connection to that, he was invited on the 5. 6. 2015 as a guest of the Hyde Park Civilizace program of the Czech Television .
    Record of the broadcast to be seen here (in Czech):
  • 1. 3. 2015 - launch of the starting grant of the European Research CHROMTISOL obtained by Dr. Jana Macak. CEMNAT hosts the grant.
    More information here: (in Czech)
  • 1. 3. 2013 - beginning of the reconstruction of old premises of University of Pardubice on nam. Cs. Legii into modern materials science center CEMNAT