Temporary traffic restrictions related to the reconstruction of outdoor areas and buildings in the University Campus in Studentská street – Stavařov.

Outdoor areas of the southern part of the University Campus in Polabiny are currently under extensive reconstruction that involves some unpleasant restrictions for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.
New car parks
Within the "VAP – Výukový areál Polabiny" project, a new car park with 92 parking spaces is under construction behind EA building. The car park will be finished in September 2015.
Another car park with capacity of approximately 90 parking spaces is under construction next to the Rectorate building.
New relaxation zones
New atrium with a memorial bench called Havel's Place will serve as a relaxation zone in the yard between the Rectorate building, Transport Faculty building and the new educational campus VAP (R and DB, DC and EB).
New parterre, which is being built in front of Jan Perner Transport Faculty in Studentská street and stretches to U Josefa roundabout, will represent another pleasant entry point into the university buildings where you can relax and meet other students.
Road reconstruction
The outdoor reconstruction of the University and construction of VAP (Educational Campus Polabiny) will be accompanied by road reconstruction between EA building (Faculty of Economics and Administration, and Faculty of Arts and Philosophy) and EB building (former heavy laboratory of the Jan Perner Transport Faculty – now new Educational Campus Polabiny). These reconstructions will be finished in November 2015.
At the same time, the Municipality of Pardubice in collaboration with MO II and in coordination with the University started reconstruction of Studentská street, including longitudinal pavements. The street will be divided by a central zone with poles for street lighting and overhead contact lines. New pedestrian crossings and speed bumps for traffic calming will be built. These reconstructions will be finished by the end of October 2015.
New cycle path
New cycle path leading from the University gym through Kunětická street to the weir was established. The Municipality of Pardubice is planning to connect this section with the cycle path along the river Elbe next year. After finishing the car parks and road reconstructions, all roads, paths and pavements will be connected and the entire campus will become more convenient and safer place for cyclists and pedestrians.
Temporary restrictions will bring huge improvement in autumn
As mentioned above, reconstructions will affect functioning of the entire campus, its availability, traffic flow and parking at the beginning of academic year.
Therefore, we ask students, employees and visitors of the University Campus to be indulgent and to tolerate temporary inconvenience and inaccessibility of the University buildings in this area of campus. After these reconstructions, the accessibility will greatly improve.
Thank you.
Ing. Petr Gabriel, MBA, Bursar