How we felt about the discussion "Through Dialogue towards Our Own Identity"

How we felt about the discussion "Through Dialogue towards Our Own Identity"

On March 5, 2015 Rector of the University of Pardubice, prof. Ing. M. Ludwig, CSc., moderated a discussion meeting of students and UPa staff with guests prof. RNDr. Libor Grubhoffer, CSc., Šimon Pánek and prof. PhDr. Karel Rýdl, CSc. entitled Through Dialogue towards Our Own Identity.


The topic allowed the guests to convey their perspectives on the development and state of our identity, reflect on their professional and personal experience and open a platform for sharing views on what is an essential building block of not only the society, but also of institutions, communities, defining the life of each of us. The event aimed to contribute to the development of the so-called third role of universities, which can form meaningful overlaps of individual disciplines, link through the social context both natural sciences and humanities disciplines, and theory and practice, and above all shape the community character of the university as a platform significantly affecting with its integrity the life beyond the campus.


The meeting was attended by more than 400 students; many of those invited to the Assembly Hall could not find a seat in the crowded hall. Those who were not able to watch the debate at the Assembly Hall were allowed to watch a recording published on the University website.


A total of 244 participants responded to the following questions to survey our attitudes to the civil society, whether by filling out a questionnaire in the Assembly Hall or online on the University website:

a) I consider being interested in social issues a natural thing 158 / 86
b) I use opportunities to influence things around me 172 / 72
c) I have recently benefited a stranger (charitable contribution, little help, etc.) 168 / 76


The audience’s active approach was pleasing – the meeting did not suffer from lack of ideas for discussion and prompted those present to ask both oral and written questions, which either do not appear in other forums or participants have not found their way to them. The discussion thus presented a chance of continuing the debate and establishing a tradition of debates elucidating and refining our opinions in the longer term.


If you want to know who we were and how we felt on March 5, 2015, check out the feedback below:

(based on an online questionnaire distributed to students of the foreign languages courses from March 9 to 31 March 2015, 221 responses)