Miroslav Lísa is among the top forty young scientists in Analytical Chemistry

Another success for the university on a global scale. Ing. Miroslav Lísa, Ph.D., has been ranked among the forty best scientists under forty years in the field of analytical chemistry.
Top 40 of the most successful scientists was published in the October issue of The Analytical Scientist magazine (https://theanalyticalscientist.com/the-power-list-2014/). The great success is also certainly underlined by the fact that besides Miroslav Lísa it was only a young scientist from Hradec Králové Doc. PharmDr. Lucie Nováková, Ph.D. who managed to reach the Top 40. They are also the only representatives of the Central Europe in the field.
Lipids as an area of study
In his scientific-research work, Dr. Lísa deals with the development of methods for analysis of lipids in various tissues, using separation techniques coupled with mass spectrometry. Lipids are biologically active substances that, among other things, can play an important role in the onset and course of some serious diseases such as diabetes, cancer, etc. Description of changes in their composition in the development and course of the disease can be used for the early diagnosis thereof. "I really appreciate the award I have won as it shows us that our work makes sense and is recognized within the scientific community," says Miroslav Lísa and adds: “In the future, we will follow the chosen direction, and above all we will try to apply the knowledge gained in clinical studies in order to describe the reasons for the emergence of some serious diseases.”
The system of selecting scientists
The Analytical Scientist magazine seeks to promote global leaders in the field of analytical chemistry by compiling similar rankings of the most influential personalities of the field. There is an effort to create a multi-objective system of selection based on nominations by major industry experts; subsequently an expert panel of key personalities compiles a ranking, from which it selects the Top 40. "Of course, similar popularity rankings should be taken with a certain reasonable distance since a similar type of selection is always subjective to some extent, however many of those awarded rank without a doubt among the leading personalities that push the limits of analytical chemistry, so it surely delights to be included in such a company", comments on the selection of young scientists Professor Michal Holčapek from the Department of Analytical Chemistry, where Miroslav Lísa is currently a key member of its scientific team.
Awards for three scientists from the University
It is not easy to win this award as it does not evaluate short-term successes of scientists, but the significance of the results obtained in the course of their career. The goal is to select young scientists under forty years whose scientific and research work has the greatest impact on the development and direction of the field of analytical chemistry.
Last year, two scientists from our university achieved a remarkably success as they were chosen among the hundred most influential scientists in the field of analytical chemistry. The ranks of prominent figures, such as Nobel laureates Professor Kurt Wutrich and Koichi Tanaka, among others, included the only representatives of the Czech Republic, Professor Michal Holčapek and Professor Pavel Jandera.
For the scientists, it is a great pleasure to be ranked among the world leaders in the field, but they agree that they can move ahead only through systematic scientific work, rather than due to a formal award. Of course, any award of this type shows the response that the work of the authors has received in the professional community, thereby increasing their chances of obtaining financial support for research projects. "Miroslav Lísa was the principal investigator of a grant project of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic and he significantly contributed to solving projects as a member of the research team in a number of other projects," concludes Professor Holčapek.
Bc. Věra Přibylová
Department of Public Relations of the University of Pardubice
Ing. Miroslav Lísa, Ph.D., works at the Department of Analytical Chemistry of the Faculty of Chemical Technology
Photo: Archive of the University of Pardubice