Rector´s welcome speech to the new academic year

Dear students, colleagues and employees of the University of Pardubice,
Because I cannot welcome you in person, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the new academic year 2015/2016. There are some innovations comming at the beginning of this year. We will be able to use modern auditoriums and classrooms in the new campus which connects the premises of the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, Faculty of Economics and Administration and Jan Perner Transport Faculty. You can find there new relaxation zone located in the atrium. Also, we reconstructed the large auditorium on the premises of Čs. legií Square where new laboratories of the Centre for Materials and Nanotechnology have been built. A new car park behind the EA building with the cycle path leading to the city centre has been finished. Another car park will be opened near the Rectorate. The main University Campus will turn into a student- and staff- friendly premises  thanks to the reconstruction of Studentská Street, to be finished by the end of November together with the park reconstruction in front of the Jan Perner Transport Faculty.
Several simultaneous reconstruction tasks in this area will cause restricted transport access to some of the objects at the beginning of the academic year. I believe that we will overcome all the problems and later enjoy the new premises in the campus.
Modern extension of the Piarist Halls of Residence, which will be also used by the Faculty of Restoration, will be inaugurated in Litomyšl at the beginning of October. Reconstruction of several faculty studios will substantially improve its background.
At the beginning of the new academic year, I would especially like to welcome students who enter academic premises for the first time. During your studies, many challenges, duties and sometimes even partial failures await you, although there will be feelings of joy, success and happiness as well. There are more ways to reach the final destination and it is only your decision to choose the right one for yourselves. You can enrich your studies by an international study programme, participate in scientific activities of one of our workplaces, enjoy colourful cultural life, or excel in sport activities. I will be happy if you take the opportunities offered by the University of Pardubice. Your proactive approach will help you fulfil your dreams and get the knowledge and skills to find your place in the European job market.
I wish a successful academic year 2015/2016 to all students, colleagues, employees and friends of the University of Pardubice, health, optimism and satisfaction in your personal life.
I am looking forward to working together toward further growth of the University of Pardubice.

Prof. Ing. Miroslav Ludwig, CSc.