Declaration of the University of Pardubice about the terrorist attacks in Paris

The University of Pardubice and its management headed by the Rector express deep grief over the tragic events and terrorist attacks in Paris on 13 November 2015, offering sympathy to the suffering families and to all relatives of the victims of the insidious attack.

The Rector said, in remembering the 17 November – the Day of the Fight for Freedom and Democracy - on the evening of the 13 November, only a few hours before the tragic events in Paris:  

„Today´s world is rather complicated in many aspects, since we face new problems and challenges, even though we live in the most successful period of our history in terms of economic development. We should not trust those who offer seemingly simple solutions. We have to fight against pessimism, negativism, nationalism and intolerance. We must protect the thousand- year-proven traditional values of the society. The danger of this world is presented, among other, by the fact that a substantial part of the society easily assumes the feeling of threat, looking for someone who seems to have clear visions and ability to solve any problem easily.

The academic community is generally responsible for preventing any new totalitarian system from re-gaining its winning position. Let us not forget that freedom and democracy have to be thoroughly protected.”

It is important to refrain from thoughtless competition and simple solutions. Democracy and human values are difficult to gain and even more difficult to sustain as it has been reaffirmed by the recent events.  

Pardubice, 16 November 2015