The University has introduced itself to university managers from all over the world

In mid-September, Prague hosted the first ever international trade fair and conference of the European Association for International Education. It brought together up to five thousand university managers from around the world to exchange information about studying at foreign universities.
Our university was represented by Vice Rector for Development doc. PaedDr. Jana Kubanová, CSc., Ing. Monika Vejchodová, Ing. Zuzana Tuťálková and Mgr. Věra Albrechtová of the Department for Development and International Relations.
Worldwide information about education
The representatives of the University of Pardubice introduced individual faculties, talked about the forms of cooperation in science and research and study opportunities for foreign students provided in the study programs and courses in English. They also met representatives of partner universities and companies, so-called agents that offer study to foreign students.
"It was an extraordinary opportunity to establish strategic partnerships with foreign universities, learn about new trends in international higher education and exchange experiences with colleagues from around the world," comments Jana Kubanová, Vice Rector for Development of the University of Pardubice.
Czech-Canadian Round Table
On the eve of the conference, Ing. Monika Vejchodová participated in the event "Round Table of Cooperation between Czech and Canadian Universities." The university managers presented the Czech and Canadian educational models and talked about the current cooperation. In the subsequent bilateral negotiations we could introduce our university to foreign university representatives.
"I met a representative of the University of Montreal and the University of Quebec. We spoke about establishing mutual cooperation with a representative from the University of Alberta," says Ing. Monika Vejchodová of the Department for Development and International Relations.
Czech-Asian cooperation
Ing. Zuzana Tuťálková negotiated with Mrs Caroline Ma from the international office of National Central University in Taiwan, with which the University of Pardubice has concluded its second continuing cooperation agreement. Our University is a traditional and favourite destination for Taiwanese students as ten students arrive to Pardubice every year.
"Our students do not go to Taiwan yet. Still, we'd like to enforce reciprocity, so we discussed not only the mix of disciplines in English, but also the cost of living, which are similar to those in our country," says Ing. Zuzana Tuťálková.
The Vice Rector Kubanová, exchanged information with the managing director of the Europe Study Centre from India, Mr. Abdul Razak, who offered his services to the university in the field of the promotion of European universities among Indian students.
On Monday, September 22, Mr. Abdul Razak visited the University of Pardubice and met the Vice-Rector Kubanová to discuss the first steps of his promotional strategy. "We are currently preparing for him a list of English study programmes, which Mr. Razak will present to Indian students," says Jana Kubanová. Representatives of Kyonggi University in Korea would also be interested in student exchange programmes and sign a cooperation agreement.
Extending cooperation in the framework of Erasmus+
Mgr. Věra Albrechtová, Coordinator of International Relations, attended several meetings in the framework of ERASMUS+, where she mainly discussed the ways to balance the number of outgoing and incoming students. "We discussed how to promote our university in Denmark and how to introduce Turkish universities to the students of University of Pardubice and the possibilities for expansion of the existing cooperation in the framework of ERASMUS+ with University in Lillehammer, Norway, the Polish Kielce University of Technology and the Danish University of Southern Denmark, to name but a few," explains Věra Albrechtová.
Another important meeting took place with a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic (MFA CR) Petr Kaiser, who offered support from the Ministry to our university in attracting students in specific third countries for specific fields.
Among the university elite
Representatives of the University of Pardubice presented higher education along with other fifteen universities of the Czech Republic at a joint booth entitled Study in the Czech Republic. Apart from the Czech universities there were representatives of prestigious universities presenting their university education, such as those from Cambridge, England, the University of Lyon, France, Utrecht University in the Netherlands, but also representatives of the University of Boston and the University of California, America, as well as many other higher education institutions from around the world.
Bc. Věra Přibylová
Department of Promotion and Public Relations
in collaboration with the Department for Development and International Relations of the University of Pardubice

Ing. Zuzana Tuťálková with Mrs Caroline Ma of the international office of the National Central University of Taiwan
Photo: Archive of the University of Pardubice