Among the graduates of the Faculty of Transport Engineering are also students from Turkey

Historically, the first state final exams conducted in English at the Jan Perner Transport Faculty were held on Tuesday, June 9. They took place at the Department of Transport Means and Diagnostics, where five international students from Turkey successfully completed their studies. They subsequently received their diplomas at a graduation ceremony of engineers in the auditorium of the University.
The Turkish students entered the Master's degree program Transport Engineering and Communications in the field of Transport Means - Railway Vehicles in the academic year 2013/14. Although this branch of study is among those that have been accredited on the Transport Faculty in Czech as well as in English for a long time, it was not until this June that this foreign language accreditation was applied for the first time in the complete Master's degree of foreign students.
Novelty for both students and teachers
Five students completed the study in full. Given that none of them had studied a similar field in the first stage of higher education, i.e. a Bachelor's degree at their home Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey, it was very difficult for all the students to update the necessary basic technical knowledge and to understand even more complex technical subjects of the follow-up Master's degree. In addition, the students had to study any new knowledge in a foreign language.
It was also challenging for teachers of all the subjects of the follow-up branch of study Transport Means - Railway Vehicles to teach in a foreign language. Concurrently with these lessons in English, common lessons were given in this branch of study for Czech students as well.
Five foreign students successfully defended their Master’s theses 
The foreign students from Turkey adopted a very active approach to the lessons from the very beginning of their studies. This effort of theirs ultimately proved to have a very positive impact on the final state exams, where they all demonstrated the required knowledge without any major problems. They defended their theses and knowledge of the issues of railway vehicles before the State Examination Board composed of both teachers of the Faculty of Transport Engineering and two distinguished experts from the industry renowned abroad, Ing. Zdeněk Malkovský, General Director of the Research Institute of Railway Rolling Stock, and Ing. Petr Kavan, Ph.D., Director for Technology and Development at the Railway Research Institute. The State Examination Board was chaired by Prof. Ing. Bohumil Culek, PhD., of the Department of Transport Means and Diagnostics.
As part of the state final examinations, the following theses were defended:

Bc. Eren BALABAN -  Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Flexi-coil Helical Spring Stress, Supervisor: Ing. Aleš HÁBA, Ph.D.

Bc. Fatih BOZKURT - Structural and Mechanical Heterogenities of Fine Grain Steel Welded Joints Used in Construction of Rail Vehicles, Supervisor: prof. Ing. Eva SCHMIDOVÁ, Ph.D.
Bc. Bekir Tuna KAYAALP - Analysis of Material Deformation Response to Dynamic Tensile Tests,   Supervisor: prof. Ing. Bohumil CULEK, CSc.
Bc. Özgür YURDAKUL - Measurement of Wheel Force on the Rail, Supervisor: Ing. Martin KOHOUT, Ph.D.

Bc. Abdulkadir ZIREK - Anti-slip Protection and Control of the Traction Motor of a Rail Vehicle, Supervisor: doc. Ing. Michael LATA, PhD.
Students’ hard work and efforts paid off, as evidenced by a red diploma
Two graduates even achieved better overall evaluation of their studies, including the final examination. Student Abdulkadir ZIREK graduated with “with distinction" and student Özgür YURDAKUL received the red diploma at the graduation ceremony, so he was evaluated with the degree of "graduated with high distinction". The State Examination Board also nominated the most successful of the thesis writers, Özgür YURDAKULA, for a special scholarship for excellence in the thesis and excellent academic performance. The student wrote a seminal thesis on "Measurement of Wheel Force on the Rail", supervised by Ing. Martin Kohout, Ph.D., where he discussed the possibility of indirect (strain-gauge) measurement of vertical wheel forces on the basis of the deformation of rails when weighted by rail vehicles. As part of this thesis, he also participated in the implementation of a challenging experiment, in close cooperation with Česká-Třebová-based company CZ LOKO, a.s., with which the Faculty of Transport Engineering has actively been cooperating in the long term within its research activities.
All the graduates received their diplomas traditionally during an engineer’s graduation ceremony, which took place on 24 June 2015 at the biggest auditorium of the University called “Ernest of Pardubice Auditorium”.
Students will stay at the Faculty, continuing in doctoral studies
Many of the successful graduates also expressed their interest to continue in Doctoral studies at our Faculty of Transport Engineering, and so they will join ten of their countrymen, who began their doctoral studies at the Faculty two years ago. The foreign study in a Master’s and Doctoral programmes of all of these students is supported by the Turkish government in order to have high-quality technical experts in the emerging field of rail transport. The Jan Perner Transport Faculty can certainly be proud of the fact that two years ago it was chosen by the Turkish side as an educational institution that provides quality rail vehicle and transport engineering education. We can only wish that there were more foreign candidates like these to study at the Jan Perner Transport Faculty, and that our Faculty and the University of Pardubice have gained in this field an ever growing reputation in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.
Ing. Aleš Hába, Ph.D.
Department of Mechanics, Materials and Machine Parts, Jan Perner Transport Faculty

Student Fatih Bozkurt zodpovídá otázku prof. Ing. Evy Schmidové, Ph.D., z předmětu Construction materials (Konstrukční materiály)
Student Fatih Bozkurt answers a question by prof. Ing. Eva Schmidová, Ph.D. in the subject Construction Materials
author Aleš Hába
Část státní zkušební komise: zleva Ing. Zdeněk Malkovský (VÚKV, a.s.), prof. Ing. Bohumil Culek, CSc. (předseda komise), prof. Ing. Eva Schmidová, Ph.D., Ing. Petr Kaván (VUZ, a.s.), v popředí Ing. Martin Kohout, Ph.D. a doc. Ing. Pavel Švanda, Ph.D.
Part of the State Examination Board - left Ing. Zdeněk MALKOVSKÝ (VÚKV, a.s.), prof. Ing. Bohumil CULEK, CSc. (Chairman), prof. Ing. Eva Schmidová, Ph.D., Ing. Petr KAVÁN (VUZ, a.s.), in the foreground Ing. Martin KOHOUT, Ph.D. and doc. Ing. Pavel ŠVANDA, Ph.D.
author Aleš Hába
Čerství absolventi při souhrnném vyhlášení výsledků státních závěrečných zkoušek – zleva Eren BALABAN, Abdulkadir ZIREK, Özgür YURDAKUL, Bekir Tuna KAYAALP a Fatih BOZKURT.
Fresh graduates at the announcement of the results of the state final examinations - left Eren BALABAN, Abdulkadir ZIREK, Özgür YURDAKUL, Bekir Tuna KAYAALP and Fatih BOZKURT.
author Aleš Hába
Mezi letošními absolventy dopravní fakulty byli i studenti z Turecka. Úspěch slavil i Özgür YURDAKUL, který získal červený diplom za prospěch studia s vyznamenáním
Özgür YURDAKUL receives a red diploma for graduating with high distinction.
author University achives