Meeting with US government interpreter

On Thursday, October 30, 2014 by the Language Centre of the University of Pardubice held a meeting with Michael Borek, a certified interpreter with the US government.
During informal discussions with students, academics and senior University staff, Michael Borek focused mainly on his professional experience and personal observations of official negotiations with Czech delegations, where he acts according to the protocol as "the voice of the American government". In addition to that, he shared interesting experiences from backstage preparations for various meetings of representatives of both countries. In response to questions from the audience he presented his own view of the work of an interpreter, various interpreting kinds or ways to prepare for formal negotiations. Using various examples from his interpreting practice he illustrated the fact that the work of an interpreter is based on perfect knowledge of the language and mother tongue, but also on being familiar with the culture of the country and being able to convey it.
Michael Borek is not only a man of the word, but also a man of the image. He has divided his professional activities between interpreting for the US executive branch and creative work - art photography. Another, equally interesting topic for discussion with him was therefore his success in the world of photography, which is demonstrated, for example, by the fact that in 2011 the critic Louis Jacobson ranked Borek’s solo exhibition among the top ten photo exhibitions of the year in Washington. This year's exhibition was organized by the Czech Embassy in Washington, in the past three years his photographs were selected for exhibitions in several museums in the USA.
PhDr. Jitka Hloušková, Ph.D.
Language Centre of the University of Pardubice
Michael Borek, a certified interpreter with the US government
Photo: Mgr. Linda Pospíšilová