Secondary school students are quite at home in faculty laboratories

Secondary school students have once more been given the opportunity to become a part of the workplace of several of the departments of the University of Pardubice and work on their projects. The University has again this year launched the Systematic Secondary School Research Project in collaboration with the Regional Development Agency of the Pardubice Region under the financial support of the Pardubice Region.

photo by: M. Reinberk

Based on University premises, students have been fulfilling research-related tasks since January and this has them better acquainted with the academic environment and technical fields that are amongst the most sought after on the labour market. More than twenty students from various secondary schools all over the Pardubice Region are making the most of their leisure time to gain knowledge in a direct, individual and contact form within the context of the newest science and research findings. And to add to that they can deepen their intense interest in technical subjects and natural science and learn how to present the results of their work.

Four faculties are involved in the secondary school research project

Students work under the guidance of twenty academic teachers from the Jan Perner Transport Faculty, Faculty of Economics and Administration, Faculty of Chemical Technology and the Faculty of Health Studies of the University of Pardubice. Experienced academics, including professors and associate professors, from these faculties devote their time and knowledge to them. And so students can quite often collaborate with people that are experts in their field of interest and they can learn from the best. And they can come into contact with other students besides. Systematic Research Projects facilitate team work and help students crystallize their future employment options.

We are glad that students from various types of secondary schools are involved in the project; these schools include the Technical Secondary School of Chemistry in Pardubice, Technical Secondary School in Chrudim, Automotive Secondary School in Holice, Grammar School - Gymnázium Mozartova Pardubice, Grammar School - Gymnázium J. K. Tyla Hradec Králové and the Nursing Secondary School in Pardubice,” said Project Coordinator, Jana Pašťalková.

Students will bring their year-round work to a close at a conference in June

They will then present their work results this June at a closing conference for young scientists. The students will learn the basics of public speech and how to effectively present their project at a presentation skills workshop which will take place in spring and which is organised by the Regional Development Agency of the Pardubice Region. The young researchers can also present their work at various competitions, like the Secondary School Expert Activities Competition (Středoškolská odborná činnost) and the AMAVET Science Festival for Children and Young People.

System Research Projects follow up to BRAVO II, which is a project implemented by the University of Pardubice under the Operational Programme "Education for Competitiveness”. This OP is focused on promoting science, research and the expert activities of the University of Pardubice and its faculties.