University of Pardubice Opens the 66th Academic Year

30 September 2015
On Tuesday 29 September, all the seven faculties of the University of Pardubice officially started a new academic year.
Over nine thousand university students have so far enrolled at the seven faculties of the University of Pardubice with 65 study programmes and almost 130 branches of study in undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies, out of which about 80% are to study in the full-time study.
During the first weeks, besides the beginning of the university study, about 2.5 thousand new undergraduate students are to attend academic ceremony – MATRICULATION, where the students make the academic oaths, symbolically register at the University of Pardubice and become members of the academic community.
More than 9,500 university students will study at the University of Pardubice in this academic year.
Students can look forward to numerous innovations and improvements.
Better living in the halls of residence
During the summer months, the Halls of Residence and Catering Service organised two large investment events to enhance the quality of living for students at the halls of residence in the Pardubice campus.Furniture in Block B has been completely replaced (160 students' rooms have new beds, tables, cases and shelves), as well as flooring in the entire Block A and partially in Blocks B and D- the total of 250 rooms have a new PVC flooring.
New lecturing complex
In the heart of the university campus between the Rector's Office and the buildings of the Faculty of Transport has been built a new lecturing complex with six new lecture rooms and eight laboratories, which are mainly used by the Faculty of Economics and Administration, the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, and the Faculty of Transport.
A pleasant relaxing zone was created in the atrium of the new complex where a Václav Havel Bench will be installed in November. Refreshments in this part of the campus are provided by a new buffet run by the Halls of Residence and Catering Service.
An elevated linking bridge connects the new lecturing complex with the neighbouring building across the street, joining the south part of the campus in one walk-through unit.
Southern section of the university campus in Pardubice-Polabiny gets a new look and new parking space
At the moment, there are taking place extensive adjustments to the outdoor grounds of the southern part of the university campus. Two new car parks with 180 places are currently under construction. They will substantially extend the student and staff parking options.
A new parterre is being built in Studentská Street in front of the Faculty of Transport. It will be another pleasant entrance area leading to the university premises and inviting to rest and meet.
The adjustments to the outdoor grounds will also include reconstruction of the internal road towards the Rector's Office. At the same time, the city of Pardubice is now reconstructing Studentská Street with new pavements, a central island, new lighting and pedestrian crossings, and humps to slow down traffic.
New cycle paths in the campus
Furthermore, a new cycle path has been opened starting from the university gym and heading to Kunětická Street and the city centre.
New car parks and roads, paths and pavements will allow an easier and safer movement within the campus for cyclists and pedestrians and the new resting areas and zones will make everyone's stay in the university more pleasant.
Ing. Valerie Wágnerová
University of Pardubice
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