About CTKT

The key strategy of the Centre for Technology and Knowledge Transfer is activation of human potential towards applied science and technology. CTKT has the ambition to strengthen the position of the University of Pardubice on a national and international level in applied R&D, create an innovative atmosphere and actively support the valuation of intellectual property. We aim to become an indispensable part of commercial support for academics and students, providing complete services for positioning results of their work on the market.
Strategic aims are three fold:
  • To provide full legal, financial and commercial support to members of the university during licencing, protection of intellectual property, legal agreements and creation of spin out companies.
  • To establish and maintain an entrepreneurship environment at the university and in the region, to actively source new opportunities of cooperation with industry, networking and support to applied R&D.
  • To create simple and understandable procedures for sharing financial benefits from technology transfer between university, faculty and the researcher.
Moreover, Pardubice University has a comparative advantage in having unique research facilities and faculties within the Czech Republic, and thus has the opportunity to become in many areas a centre for technology transfer on an international level.