Pokyny pro přípravu rukopisů

Instructions for contributors to the:
The Jan Perner Transport Faculty (DFJP)

1. Editorial board of the Scientific Papers of the University of Pardubice publishes contributions concerning scientific research written by the faculty and other institutions members (i.e. other universities, scientific institutions) directly related to transport.

2. The contents of contributions must be original, not published in the same format in a different collection of papers or in a specialist journal.

3. Editorial board recommends the following to your attention:
   - Contribution topics should be expressed in a suitable mathematical form, 
     completed by graphic images, charts, tables etc.
   - Images, charts and tables must be digitalized, in black and white and in sufficient
   - SI units and correct terminology in given field must be strictly observed.
   - The scope of contribution is 10÷15 pages of B5 format in English or German language.
      In each volume can be published one to two more extensive (pilot) contributions of 20 ÷ 25 pages B5 format. Such  contributions have to be previously consulted with the DFJP editor
   - At compiling the contributions in MS Word processor, use the document template available from: www.upce.cz/fakulty/dfjp/dfjp-organy/dfjp-edicrada/dfjp-infoedicref/
   - „Scientific papers …“ are open for publication of scientific research results (in transport and related fields) carried out by recognized experts from other institutions or experts from abroad.

4. Contributions processed in MS Word according the template are sent by e-mail to: jaromír.zelenka@upce.cz. One hard copy of the article should be sent to the address: Dopravní fakulta Jana Pernera, Jaromír Zelenka, Dislokované pracoviště Česká Třebová, Slovanská 452, 560 02 Česká Třebová, CZ

5. Please attach your full name, address of the author´s institution, e-mail address and fax or telephone number to the contribution.

6. Editorial board at its meeting upon the closing date for the appropriate calendar year (deadline 1 March of each consecutive year) makes the decision about the acceptance of the individual contributions and approves of a relevant lecturer for individual contributions. Before its publication, the contribution will be sent to the author for final proofreading.