Jan Perner Transport faculty hosted an international workshop on Reverse logistics problems on 19th March. The workshop was organised by JPTF within projects POSTDOK (Enhancement of R&D Pools of Excellence at the University of Pardubice) and DOPSIT(Support of a research and academic workers network in transport) in cooperation with  Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, University of Zagreb.
  Series of lectures was opened by doc.Ing. Petr Průša, PhD.  with presentation "Global Trends in Reverse Logistics". It was followed by Dr. Darko Babić`s lecture on "Reverse Logistics&Green Logistics - Enabling Sustainability". University of Zagreb was represented by Ms Ivona Bajor with presentation "Collection Centers in Reverse Logistics Systems", Mr Tomislav Rozić  spoke about "Green Ports" and Mr. Dario Babić  had a presentation called "Reverse Logistics and Waste Management in Croatia". Furthemore there was a very interesting presentation „Reverse Logistics ... or which way to choose.“ by Jana Švarcová of  College of logistics in Přerov.
 After presenting the participants engaged in a debate exchanging their experience and knowledge. The workshop was also attended by Mr. Průša`s PhD. students, other academic workers and students including the students of Erasmus programs. This workshop was very valuable in the meaning of gaining new information in this important area.